Occupier Lunch - Lab Hotel

  • Wednesday, 8 December 2021, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
This Occupier Lunch, we will be hearing from the companies in the Lab Hotel namely, Stratosvir, Nuntius Therapeutics and ImmTune Therapies. Come join the last Occupier Lunch this year to hear everything about the latest newcomers at SBC. 

Stratosvir passionately join cancer patients in their fight for effective, safe, non-toxic cancer treatments that increase quality of life and survival. As a weapon, we are developing viral immunotherapy which has the potential to drastically improve the clinical treatment of solid tumours and their metastases.

Nuntius Therapeutics are overcoming the biggest challenge for DNA, RNA and CRISPR therapies: Delivering large genetic payloads into the correct cells. Their pipeline includes therapies for currently incurable rare diseases. Selected industry partners can also license our cell-specific delivery technology.

ImmTune Therapies is developing gene delivery vectors for specific modification of immune cells inside a patient’s body. Their ambition is to enable an in vivo cell therapy process, whereby an injection of their product generates a dose of therapeutic cells, such as CAR-Ts, within the body.

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