Cytiva formed through the divestiture of the GE Healthcare Biopharma business to Danaher Corporation in 2020. Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics. Cytiva have a rich heritage tracing back hundreds of years. Their customers undertake life-saving activities ranging from fundamental biological research to developing innovative vaccines, biologic drugs, and novel cell and gene therapies. Cytiva supplies the tools and services they need to work better, faster and safer, leading to better patient outcomes.

Scientists around the world make new discoveries and breakthroughs every day leading to improved understanding for protein science and transforming peoples’ lives.

Their well-established brands; ÄKTA™, Biacore™, Amersham™, Whatman™ and many more, support scientists to advance isolation and cloning, cell culture, purification and analysis.

Over 5 years ago Cytiva (as GEHC)   entered in to a partnership with the SBC to allow the other tenant companies based at the SBC to access instruments and GE expertise as well as using the lab as a facility  for our staff to use. We are happy to continue to support the SBC as Cytiva in 2020 and behond and if you require further information please contact the lab manager, Susan Toyn.