Business Support

Access to funding, mentoring and networks to help your business grow

Access to funding

Since 2012, businesses based at SBC have attracted £2.3bn in equity investment, IPO/FPO, grants and acquisitions, including £0.9bn private equity (seed – series C), £0.6bn through public markets (IPO and FPO), and a further £0.5bn through exits. Of the total, over 64% has been in companies with a focus on cell and gene technologies.

Invaluable support from on-site investors

With three on-site investment funds, companies have direct access to finance throughout their development.


Attraction of National and International Funders

The rapid growth of companies at SBC has also drawn numerous national and international funders to invest.


Campus CEO and operations groups

An opportunity for peer-to-peer mentoring groups for CEOs and office managers to meet in an informal setting to share experiences and advice.

SBC Consultants' Group

This locally-based group connects companies with experts who can offer insights, support and guidance, acting as a 'critical friend' along the various stages of the therapeutics development pipeline. 


GSK Fellows 

GSK Fellows are matched with individual companies to provide scientific and business advice on a non-confidential basis

Occupier network

Regular informal events are held to support the community and encourage greater interaction and collaboration between employees based at the campus.  These include a summer BBQ and Christmas quiz plus occupier lunches featuring company pitches and free pizza!

Be one of our occupiers and enjoy all of the benefits of being at the SBC campus. Contact us today.

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