At SBC, we are committed to making our activities sustainable

Built to 'excellent' BREEAM sustainability standards

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for infrastructure and buildings. SBC’s Incubator was built to their ‘Excellent’ standard for sustainability performance which is achieved by only 10% of new, non-domestic buildings. Similarly, the Accelerator building achieved a 'Very Good' rating for its construction.

Greener energy

Using energy from renewable sources is important to us. Our include solar panels help us to save 28,100 kg of CO2 emissions annually – the equivalent to planting over 1,290 trees.

We use air source heat pumps to heat and cool our buildings. They work by converting heat in the air from the ambient environment into a renewable heat source. Because they are energy efficient, they help to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Eco-friendly lighting and rainwater harvesting

LED lighting has been installed in our car parks because it uses a fraction of the energy compared to traditional lights. Our indoor lights are motion-activated, which means the lights are only on when people need them. They are also being changed to LEDs to further reduce our energy consumption. On average, these changes save 20,650 kg in CO2 emissions every year – the equivalent to planting 950 trees.

Our buildings also have rainwater harvesting systems which collect rain and use it to flush toilets. This helps us to reduce water consumption by over 220m3 a year.

Supporting our occupiers to make greener choices

To help the people working in our buildings make greener choices, we have installed electric car charging points and provide extensive recycling facilities for electrical equipment, metal, paper, glass, plastic and cardboard. 

All occupiers can sign up for free coffee grounds to use as fertiliser in their gardens at home. We also have mugs and glasses available for people to use to help reduce the use of single-use plastic.

As occupiers join or leave the campus, we work with them to identify where furniture and equipment can be reused. We have signed up to the reuse system, Warp It, to reduce costs for our occupiers and help keep equipment and furniture out of landfill.

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