The SBC Catalyser Programme

Do you have a winning commercialisation strategy?

The 8-week Catalyser programme helps therapeutics/techbio companies refine their commercialization strategy through a journey involving 12 meso-economic vectors as described by the Triple Chasm model. At the end of the 14 sessions (3 in-person and 11 videocalls) each company gains:

  • a refined commercialization strategy
  • a clear execution plan
  • access to experts, potential partners and investors

Each session is focused on one of the 12 Triple Chasm vectors and includes:

  • review of each startup strategy on previous vector 
  • presentation of Triple Chasm framework for the current vector
  • introduction to Triple Chasm tools to help project the theory onto each startup case
  • panel discussion with 3-4 industry experts to help understand real world scenarios and trend

WHY you should apply

The SBC Catalyser programme provides:

  • A comprehensive commercial strategy to go from prototype to commercially viable product
  • A clear execution plan to translate the strategy into action
  • Support to understand and embed digital and data technologies into your workflow
  • A strategically aware leadership team, able to evolve their commercialisation strategies in response to changes in markets and technologies
  • An extended network across the SBC ecosystem; enabling teams to talk to key customers, partners, suppliers and investors
  • An enhanced company profile
  • Improved chances of getting the right funding, investment and lab space

HOW to achieve your goals

The programme includes:

  • Strategy profiling using a range of specialist tools
  • Commercialisation strategy development workshops focused on the 12 vectors of growth including: positioning, funding, market, IP management, manufacturing, distribution, human capital management
  • 14 sessions over 8 weeks, with panel discussions involving Benevolent AI, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Start Codon, CGT Catapult, Eagle Genomics, o2h, Department of Business and Trade, IQVIA, Redx Pharma, Multiply AI, Virtarka and more. 
  • Being part of the SBC campus and its community including GSK, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGTC) and over 40 other growing therapeutics companies
  • Access to a world class team of mentors and experts, investors and partners
  • Demo Day and Partnering opportunities

WHO you are

  • You are developing therapeutic innovations
  • You have already built a proof of concept and you are planning to create the first commercially viable product
  • You have integrated digital and data technologies (ie ML/AI) in your R&D workflow, or you are planning to integrate them
  • You have an existing presence in the UK, or you are planning to establish a presence in the UK
  • You have an ambitious leadership team of at least 2-3 that can commit to full participation in the programme, including in-person activities at SBC on the first day (23rd May) and the last 2 days (13-14th July).

WHO we are

  • Campus of 40+ therapeutics companies and largest cluster of CGT companies in Europe
  • Companies based at SBC have raised more than £2.9bn since SBC's birth in 2012
  • Our campus also includes GSK, LifeArc, CGTC and Cytiva
  • We provide lab-space, office-space and business development support to our occupiers
  • Our Lab Hotel provides free lab-space for 6 months to 4 selected early-stage companies

Read our Economic Impact Assessment report for more information.

Delivered in Collaboration with:

Click here for information on the 2021 "DATA Programme"

Be part of SBC Catalyser Programme!

Spaces are limited to 10 companies per cohort. Contact Marco to get more information on our next programme in spring 2024.

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