Lab Hotel

As part of SBC’s commitment to supporting early-stage start-ups, the Lab Hotel provides seven organisations with rent-free space for six months

250 sq ft
of space for each start-up
6 months
accommodation and support
Zero cost
facilities and support provided at no charge
Four start-ups
given scientific and business support

The Lab Hotel

As part of our commitment to supporting early-stage start-ups, the Lab Hotel provides seven organisations with rent-free space for six months in the Incubator building.

The Lab Hotel offers each start-up access to two spaces in a laboratory which contains both molecular biology and mammalian tissue culture equipment.

In addition, each occupier is allocated two office desks and can use shared facilities including the Community Lab and the Cytiva Technology Lab.

Business support

Being part of the Lab Hotel provides young companies with access to mentoring and introductions to the right investors for their stage of their development.

They can also take advantage of SBC's meeting rooms, networks and events.

SBC’s Lab Hotel has been extremely helpful to us. It enabled us to work from a commercial, rather than university, setting which helped us to present our company as a professional entity and increased our understanding of an Incubator facility. The lab and offices are well equipped and it has been helpful to be able to interact with others in the cohort.

Ajay Mistry, PhD
founder and CEO of Oppilotech

Current and former occupiers

  • Genenet Technology

    Genenet Technology (UK) Ltd integrates state-of-art deep learning neural networks into the gene circuit design. This unleashes the potential of genetic design into previously impossible applications.

    Learn more
  • Neobe is developing a platform for the engineering of programmable live biotherapeutics, which can colonize solid tumours and remodel their local microenvironment.

    Learn more
  • Inspira Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical biotech company developing proprietary plant-based enzymes for therapeutic applications. Their research is currently focussed on the treatment of respiratory biofilms and viral respiratory infections.

    Learn more
  • Ladder Therapeutics is an early stage AI enabled biotech combining in vitro assays and in silico models to discover small molecules targeting RNA.

    Learn more
  • ImmTune Therapies is developing gene delivery vectors for specific modification of immune cells inside a patient’s body, enabling an in vivo cell therapy process.

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  • Nuntius Therapeutics is developing novel delivery vectors for DNA, RNA and CRISPR therapies to enable the delivery of large genetic payloads into the correct cells.

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  • Stratosvir is developing viral immunotherapy which has the potential to drastically improve the clinical treatment of solid tumours and their metastases.

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  • Oppilotech has developed a high-resolution platform based on systems biology and machine learning to model biological processes in cells enabling them to identify viable drug targets and discover new biology.

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  • Exogene is accelerating the discovery of T-cell-receptor (TCR)- based cancer immunotherapies for solid tumours by combining deep learning and high-throughput TCR-antigen screening.

    Learn more

How to apply for the Lab Hotel

Spaces become available on a six monthly basis and there is an application process for new occupiers. To register your interest in being considered for a pace, please email

Selection criteria:

The Lab Hotel is open to start-ups that:

  • are developing therapeutics
  • have a wet-lab component
  • have pre-series A funding in place

Find out more about the Lab Hotel

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