Incubator Alumni

We love to keep in touch with companies that have successfully graduated from our incubator or our mentoring programmes. Below are a few examples:

  • Agility Health Tech

    Agility Health Tech

    Exceptional science, strategy and communication from bench to boardroom to broadcast We support our Clients by navigating through technical challenges, translating data into strategy and communication, and revealing the impact of their science. Navigation We are technical experts with considerable experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical and nanotechnology industries. We understand the complexities of bringing new technologies to market. As highly experienced scientists, we read more...

  • Avacta Life Sciences

    Avacta Life Sciences

    Avacta Life Sciences is developing a novel biotherapeutics platform based on a human protease inhibitor domain (called Affimers). Affimers can be engineered to have “antibody-like” binding properties using phage display, but are smaller, have high stability and a much simpler structure compared to antibodies. This should translate to easier manufacturing and potentially improved efficacy for patients.

  • Blink Therapeutics

    Blink Therapeutics

    Blink has developed an in vitro platform that can isolate fully human mAbs by direct gene cloning from highly enriched populations of antigen stimulated human B cells. The platform can tackle targets not readily addressed with other Ab technologies. High affinity & selective antibodies have been identified to a number of therapeutic targets.

  • Cambridgene


    Cambridgene convert genomic data into valuable research discoveries, using our bioinformatics tools and experience. Our team developed and used many leading analysis tools at the Sanger Centre, which we share openly in collaboration.

  • CompanDx


    CompanDx exploits its in-house data analysis algorithms to identify patterns in healthcare datasets, applying its technology to clinical trial and medical sample data to find new disease markers.

  • CRISPR Therapeutics   

    CRISPR Therapeutics   

    CRISPR Therapeutics has been created to translate CRISPR-Cas9, a breakthrough gene-editing technology, into transformative medicines for serious human genetic diseases. The company's founding team brings together high profile expertise in the diverse fields of science required to effectively translate this technology into new gene medicines that offer potentially curative therapy for patients.

  • Eva Diagnostics                           

    Eva Diagnostics                           

    Eva Diagnostics is a medical design and engineering company that is commercialising technologies that improve the lives of anaemia sufferers across the globe. Their core product AnemiStat is a low cost handheld device capable of differentiating types of anaemia and enabling clinicians to infer the cause. AnemiStat uniquely provides enough information from a simple test to allow patient tailored treatments to be administered in the point of care setting. read more...

  • Graphitene Ltd

    Graphitene Ltd

    Graphitene is a UK high-growth company and a leading innovator in the manufacture and application of natural graphite and graphene, focused on large volume markets; chiefly concretes, protective coatings/filtration, oil-spill adsorbents and renewable energy.

  • Healx


    Healx is a Cambridge-based start up passionate about finding new therapeutic solutions for rare diseases. We use advanced data analytics, including machine learning and modern computational biology techniques to identify novel drug applications in the area of rare diseases.

  • Innovation Forum          

    Innovation Forum          

    The Innovation Forum (IF) was set up by young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) at the University of Cambridge in 2012, to connect grassroots scientists with industry, investment and policy leaders. The IF executive committee consists of 20 young researchers and industry professionals in Cambridge, and 30 committee members globally at the different university branches. IF’s main aim is to forward inventions, developed by top scientists & engineers at leading institutes, to read more...

  • Labstract


    Labstract provides an entrepreneurial approach to outsourced laboratory services at Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst. It manages the communal laboratories, the NMR and LCMS facilities, and offers small and growing biotech companies access to a wide range of technical expertise.

  • LabXero Ltd    

    LabXero Ltd    

    Labxero is an early stage company developing chemical - free sample pre - analytics (based on acoustic focusing), as an enabling technology for next generation point of care diagnostics.

  • Nuclera Nucleics

    Nuclera Nucleics

    NucleraNucleics is a next-generation DNA synthesis company changing the paradigm onlong DNA synthesis. Established in 2013, we have received continuous supportfrom multiple Innovate UK awards. Our technology enables efficient synthesis oflonger DNA in a shorter time compared to conventional synthesis. Our platformwill make long DNA synthesis a readily available tool, and help expand researchhorizons and accelerate R&D of the next life-saving drugs in the globalmarket.

  • Quality Through Design

    Quality Through Design

    Quality Through Design specialises in the design of Pharmaceutical Quality Systems and the provision of Qualified Person support. With expertise spanning the application of Good Manufacturing Practices in Clinical Trials and beyond, we can help you achieve sustainable compliance whilst adding value.

  • SIME Dx

    SIME Dx

    SIME Dx is a digital molecular medicine company developing novel point of care diagnostics. Our digital platform, DMDx, analyses a single fluid sample for multiple biomarkers in real-time. Delivering precise diagnostic results to clinicians in critical moments. Our technology converges photonics, machine learning and medical science to enable preventative medicine. Developed by world-renowned scientists, the first DMDx application is a Lung Maturity Test (LMT) for premature infants used to read more...

  • Talking Medicines

    Talking Medicines

    Talking Medicines’ mission is to provide patient-centric global healthcare solutions that have ethical and economic value. Our goal isto be the definitive, most engaging mobile healthcare solution for patient adherence via our unique UX, improving patient health and welfare through more effective personalised use of medicines. In this way we will tackle the burgeoning burden of medicines wastes and costs, in overstretched national and global healthcare systems. Talking Medicines read more...

  • Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd

    Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd

    Tokyo Electron, established in 1963, is a global supplier of semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment. Based on our half-century experience in the semiconductor industry we aim to realise innovative ‘Smart Cell Processing Technologies’ for integrated quality management of hiPSC/hESC and differentiated cell products as well as quality assured scale-up production.

  • Trakcel


    TrakCel delivers a suite of integrated technologies to effectively and easily orchestrate the cell therapy supply chain for autologous and allogeneic therapies - ensuring safe, scalable and affordable products. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders, TrakCel delivers the visibility and control required to safely manage Cell, Gene and Immunotherapies from Clinical Trials through to commercial scale on a global basis.

  • Trinzyme


    Trinzyme UK specialises in rare disease therapeutic drug discovery and development.

  • University of Cambridge

    University of Cambridge

    The University of Cambridge is locating a number of translational drug discovery projects to its SBC laboratories, aiming to convert validated targets to de-risked, investable assets. The location of such projects at SBC allows them to benefit from the open innovation environment and access to drug discovery expertise. (Cambridge’s activities at the SBC are being facilitated by Cambridge Enterprise: for more information see read more...


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