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The Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult is the latest in a long list of exciting additions to the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst community.  Focused on the development of the UK cell therapy industry to increase the nation's health and wealth, it is to build its £55m state-of-the-art Cell Therapy manufacturing centre on the SBC campus.

Through regular interaction with SBC tenants and its wider community the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre, Eli Lilly & Sanofi have already identified exciting new assets, technologies and companies for partnership. 

LifeArc (formerly MRC Technology), a medical research charity, relocated its drug discovery activities to the campus in April 2016. The move forms an important part of LifeArc's evolution and sees its Centre for Therapeutics Discovery become the cornerstone tenant in The Accelerator at the SBC.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences, a global provider of tools, technologies and services for life science research and for the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, has opened a Technology Laboratory on the campus.

Universities form part of the mix too.  Cambridge University continues its collaboration with GSK to progress its drug candidates.  University College London (UCL) has moved translational research projects in drug discovery and medical devices to three lab spaces at the SBC. Other universities including Bristol, Southampton and Manchester continue to engage with tenants.

SBC’s growing links with big pharma, healthcare companies, academia, charities and SMEs to advance biomedical discovery are further evidence of the benefits of open innovation.

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Dr Oliver Hardick

"Stevenage may initially not appear to be such an important location for a biotech startup to be located.

Here's why it is:

The GSK site is a great site, both aesthetically and what it offers.

Being situated this close to GSK gives us unprecedented access for meaningful and fully active collaborations.

Being 19 minutes from KGX and 45 minutes from CBG allows us to hire from both London and Cambridge which is importantly widens our accessible talent pool.

The laboratory facilities and shared facilities and equipment that the SBC offers is first class.

The growth of the site with the occupation by MRCT, CTC and future tenants is developing a stronger scientific community atmosphere that is making this a better place to work in terms of day to day and future prospects".

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