Talking Medicines are launching the Medsmart App, available on Android

Talking Medicines are launching the Medsmart App, available on Android and iOS in the app stores now. The Medsmart App gives users the ability to make smarter decisions about their medicines, taking control of their health.

With audiovisual content explaining how their individual medicines work and correct technique for how to take it, Medsmart unlocks information about individual medicine ingredients, side effects and interactions. Combined with the App’s easy smart reminders aimed at helping users stay on course with their medicines and the virtual medicine cabinet keeping all the medicines in one secure place, Medsmart is an intuitive and trusted medicine management solution putting the health consumer at the centre of the experience.

Medsmart was featured by BBC Scotland earlier this year as a solution to the ever increasing medicine wastage and medicine adherence problem. It also had its global debut last week at the prestigious Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona where healthcare innovators from all over the world gathered to discover the latest solutions to pressing healthcare problems such as access to real world data, medicine wastage and adherence to medicines.

The company will be presenting its medicine management solution at the annual Engage Invest Exploit 17 conference in Edinburgh on the 11th of May as part of only 12 companies featured on the main stage for extended presentations.

Download the Medsmart app today in the App store and GooglePlay

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