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Quell Therapeutics Highlights Clinical Potential of QEL-001 and its Multi-Modular Treg Cell Therapy Platform at the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 27th Annual Meeting

Data demonstrating Quell’s ability to engineer Tregs to enhance their specific targeting and durability while maintaining their suppressive function and phenotypic stability to be presented in Oral and Poster sessions

London, UK – May 2, 2024 – Quell Therapeutics Ltd (“Quell”), a leader in developing engineered T-regulatory (Treg) cell therapies for serious medical conditions driven by the immune system, announces upcoming oral and poster presentations highlighting the clinical potential of QEL-001 and its Treg cell therapy platform at the 2024 American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) meeting (Baltimore, MD, US; May 7-11).

Nathalie Belmonte, SVP Research & Translation at Quell Therapeutics, commented:

“QEL-001 is an autologous engineered Treg therapy designed by Quell to induce donor-specific tolerance in liver transplant patients thereby overcoming the limitations encountered with previous clinical approaches. The preclinical data we are presenting at ASGCT clearly demonstrate that QEL-001 can be targeted to the liver graft via CAR expression, remains locked in an immune-suppressive state with our Foxp3 Phenotype Lock™, and displays durable immunoregulation of inflammatory responses in a humanized model of xenoGvHD supporting its therapeutic efficacy and safety profile.

“Further promising scientific evidence supporting the clinical potential of our multi-modular Treg cell therapy platform, on which QEL-001 was designed, is also being presented. These data provide a rigorous scientific foundation for our engineered Treg cell therapy approach and we are delighted that these desired characteristics are beginning to be validated clinically through initial findings with QEL-001 in our ongoing Phase 1/2 LIBERATE trial.”

About Quell Therapeutics

Quell Therapeutics is a world leader in developing engineered T-regulatory (Treg) cell therapies that aim to harness, direct and optimize their immune suppressive properties to address serious medical conditions driven by the immune system.

The Company is leveraging its pioneering phenotype lock™ technology, unique multi-modular platform and integrated manufacturing capabilities to design and develop a pipeline of highly engineered Treg cell therapies with greater potential for persistence, potency and stability than earlier generations of Treg cell therapy approaches.

Quell’s lead candidate QEL-001 is being developed to induce operational tolerance following liver transplantation, with the potential to protect the post-transplant liver without the need for chronic immunosuppressive medications. Quell is also advancing additional programs in neuro-inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. www.quell-tx.com.



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