SBC Open Innovation Activities

Coffee machines and bumper cars

We like to say that SBC uses the ‘bumper car’ model of innovation: the close proximity of start-up entrepreneurs, established biotechs, big pharma, world-class universities, investment and business experts means that people bump into each other more readily and conversations spring up everywhere.

Who will you bump into? GSK, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, the University of Cambridge, UCL and over 40 bioscience companies are all part of the SBC campus. MRC Technology’s drug discovery group will be moving in soon.

The right connections

We help you connect with people and knowledge.

As a tenant:

Mixing with big pharma comes as standard – and that’s just the start. Through scinovo, GSK’s consultancy arm, we help you access research groups, vital equipment, facilities, and the GSK investment team, SR One. Through the personal networks of the SBC executive team and other tenants you could reach much further. With the SBC independent Experts Panel and the Entrepreneur in Residence, you get high quality strategic business advice and more connections. And with the SBC offer you also get free access to GSK’s extensive online library of scientific journals.

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As a tenant or non-tenant:

You can register now at the SBC portal ( Now in beta stage, the portal brings together over 20 of the UK’s most prominent bio-incubators, providing a platform for business leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs in bioscience.

Discover Assist

Traditionally, biotechs and academics with good emerging science rarely manage to access feedback from big pharma, which could greatly improve the focus of their business goals and research plans, and so improve their chances of securing the stage of investment. SBC and OI are changing that.

Discover Assist has a unique approach to supporting drug discovery and development, from target generation to optimisation to market. Senior drug discovery professionals guide you through the creation or review of the right critical path, providing expertise in defining primary and secondary screen cascades and the appropriate analogue programme.

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Open Innovation Challenge

Our recent challenge in neurodegenerative disease () is now funding 6 winning research groups from across the country. Sponsored by GE Healthcare, Eli Lilly, GSK, Astex, and Alzheimer’s Research UK, the process allowed for all submissions to be made under confidentiality agreements. The highlights for participants were the access to early-stage feedback from big pharma, and the opportunity to improve and refine their applications by collaborating with others.

Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

SBC will be the site of the government’s new £55m state-of-art Cell & Gene Therapy manufacturing centre, supporting biotech and life sciences businesses from across the UK. It will manufacture late phase clinical trial and advanced therapeutic medicinal products including cell and gene therapies. The centre is a critical part of the Cell Therapy Catapult, the UK’s centre of translational excellence for cell therapy and regenerative medicine, based in London at Guy’s Hospital.

GE Healthcare Technology Laboratory

This lab is equipped with GE Healthcare’s latest tools and technologies for drug discovery, protein science, and bioprocessing research. GE’s potential customers can try out equipment and get training – and SBC tenants get to use it too. This is a key part of the active multi-disciplinary environment in the SBC incubator.

The SBC Open Innovation Summit

Senior global Vice Presidents of big pharma, world leaders in academic research, countless biotechs and start-up entrepreneurs, investors and policy-makers – they all know that the delegate list is just as interesting as the speaker list at the SBC summit. We focus on real life examples of OI: the people who have been there and done it come to share their experience and insight with others.

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