Preparing for Growth

  • Thursday, 27 February 2020, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Overview: this series of short interactive seminars are for organisations in the life sciences who are preparing for growth in the near to mid-term. Ranging from financial (funding/tax), organisational considerations, IP portfolio, commercialisation, regulatory and market development. Sessions are led by experienced practitioners who are able to answer questions throughout and after each session.


Location: SBC Incubator Board Room


Morning: Business Growth and Investment

Session 1 - 9am - 9:40am

Title: Tax and communication considerations in fundraising


• Venture Capital Schemes and the Enterprise Investment Scheme in particular

• Tax consequences of grant funding

• Communications strategy around fundraising

• Introduction to N-Site

Company: FTI Consulting

Speaker(s): Oliver Pumfrey

Session 2 10am

Title: Funding - Government, Charitable, Private - using grants to your advantage


Grants occupy a vital place in the growth journey of technology-based start-ups. Getting them to work for you when you are growing a business can be a very different experience from applying them in academia. This session examines the relationship between government funding, charitable funding and private investment. It introduces some do's and dont's, offers some suggestions for balancing the need for publication with securing intellectual property and gives a view on how to use grants when planning for success.

Company: Innovate UK

Speaker(s): Nick Medcalf

Session 3 11am

Title: VC investment - the process and the key issues


• A summary of the usual steps in a typical angel / VC investment deal process

• The term sheet and why a good one is important

• Key issues on a typical investment deal

• Saving yourself time and money - the importance of "investment readiness"

Company: VWV LLP

Speaker(s): Nathan Guest, Richard Phillips, Laura Barrell and Paul Gershlick

Session 4 12pm

Title: Getting yourself investor ready - IP and due diligence


- Due diligence and IP – how is due diligence handled / what can you do from an IP perspective to put you in the best possible position.

- What investors/pharma look for – how to get the outcome you want.

Company: Marks and Clerk

Speaker(s): Steven Gurney and Chris Davie

Afternoon: Market Development and Commercialisation

Session 5 1pm

Title: Summary of DIT services available to new and existing exporters. Possible funding streams that exist to help get companies to market.

Company: DIT

Speaker(s): Richard England and John Brook

Session 6 2pm

Title: Cell and Gene Therapy (C&GT) Catapult’s Commercial Support for Companies

How CGT Catapult supports commercialisation of Cell and Gene therapies

Part 1) Summary of Catapult’s capabilities in the development, manufacture and administration of ATMPs to support UK Industry

1. Development Centre

2. Manufacturing Centre

3. Supply chain and the ATTCs

Part 2) Support available to SMEs via the ERDF funding stream

Company: Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Speaker(s): Richard Harrison and Thomas Longley-Hurcom

Session 7 3pm

Title: Business Resilience and Growth


Part 1:How businesses become resilient to the dynamically changing market place and react proactively to the pressures that change imposes

Part 2: The essential requirements that a business needs to understand and harness in order to grow in profitability and competitiveness

Duration: 30 minutes followed by Q & A

Company: HLEP Growth Hub

Speaker(s): Brian Stammers and Steve Armitage, Hertfordshire Growth Hub

Session 8 4pm

Title: Why does regulatory affairs matter for your business?


- Early stage advice from regulators makes development more robust

- Opportunities for free advice from agencies

- Priority Review of Medicines (PRIME)

- Orphan Designation – is it right for you?

- Paediatric obligations – don’t leave it too late

Company: DLRC

Speaker(s): Dianne Lee and Maheshika Halbeisen

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