One Nucleus: Introduction to EY 7 Drivers

  • Tuesday, 5 October 2021, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

One Nucleus is partnering with EY to hold a session around the EY 7 Drivers of Growth framework that enables ambitious leaders to think differently about their businesses and successfully deliver their growth strategy.

The 7 Drivers draws together EY’s experience over the last 30 years from working alongside many of the world’s most ambitious entrepreneurs, learning from their successes and failures and distilled the insights to create the EY 7 Drivers of Growth.  The 7 Drivers is a tried, tested and trusted framework that helps companies to accelerate their journey to market.

During a typical session, companies will gain insights into:

  • How to assess your current capabilities relative to your future aspirations

  • The practices of market-leading businesses

  • Clarify your strategic priorities, opportunities and challenges

  • Build an action plan to help achieve the next level of success

  • Achieve consensus among your leadership team about the future of your business and how to get there

  • Validate and refine your business strategy

The presentation will cover the following areas:

  • An overview of the 7 Drivers and the ways in which you can use it
  • A demonstration of the 7 Drivers platform
  • Some examples of how this can help you as you grow

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