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  • Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Revolutionising clinical trial design with in silico studies using synthetic patient level data
About this event

What’s the webinar about?

Most clinical trials fail (90%), but many trial failures could be avoided by earlier engagement with statisticians during the study design process to help de-risk studies upfront. Moreover, the increasing complexity of modern clinical trials and diversity of data types collected means that the traditional design process is unable to account for the many sources of uncertainty that most trials now involve. This webinar will discuss why it’s time to revolutionise how trials are routinely designed and how in silico studies are key to delivering more successful clinical trials.

Key takeaways:

• Many clinical trial failures could be prevented with better planning and harnessing in silico models in a virtual environment.

• Most clinical trials do not adequately consider all the sources of uncertainty that could result in a failed study and do not put in place study design and analysis strategies that can mitigate the risks.

• We live in a data rich world with multiple data sources, its therefore imperative to utilise all relevant information.

• Simulation of realistic, multi-variate, patient level synthetic data for a range of plausible scenarios can ensure teams have a better understanding of the impacts of variability and uncertainty to evaluate study designs and ultimately construct optimal designs.

• There is a need to take a holistic approach to study design and planning where teams can collaborate to enable informed evidence-based decision-making and to reduce the risks and costs of clinical development.

• The use of in silico design has already been shown to comprehensively de-risk real studies, reducing both timelines and costs while increasing clinical study success rates.

Who is it for?

• Anyone working in, or with an interest in, clinical trial designs as part of a matrix team.

• In particular CMOs and Clinical Leads, Innovation Leads and Statisticians.

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