Collaboration opportunities webinar - DIT Japan

  • Thursday, 12 May 2022, 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

The Department for International Trade in Japan (DIT Japan) is pleased to announce the upcoming webinar by Ono Pharmaceutical Co Ltd presenting on their research priorities and collaboration opportunities.

Core interest areas are:

  • The Research Center of Oncology: As one of leading pioneers in immuno-oncology field, aiming to create “another Opdivo-class drugs” with unique targets and new technologies by incorporating latest science. Our areas of interest are immuno-oncology, next generation targeted therapy, and new modalities to overcome current treatment difficulties.
  • The Research Center of Immunology: Based on the long-year experience of immunology research leading to the successful development of Opdivo, the Center keeps research capabilities with a primary focus on biopharmaceutical development in immunology, working toward drug discovery in areas of cancer immunotherapy, autoimmune therapy and allergy.
  • The Research Center of Neurology: We have a strong and long-term commitment to R&D of neurology products. From our deep knowledge and R&D expertise, aiming to create innovative drugs for patients with neurodegenerative, psychiatric and pain disorders.  
  • The Research Center of Specialty: "Specialty" research at Ono is research activity in the development of clinically valuable products against diseases with high unmet medical needs such as autoimmune disease, fibrosis, regeneration and rare diseases. Drug discoveries with the understanding of pathogenesis will be a key for success in "Specialty" research.


Date / Time:                 9:00-10:00 (UK time), Thursday 12th May 2022

Platform:                      Zoom  (Pre-registration required)

Registration Link:


The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session to help understand areas of further interest and collaboration.  

DIT Japan will assist 1:1 meeting requests from UK companies. 

Companies who wish to have an individual meeting with Ono Pharma, please send non-confidential slide deck to  DIT Japan will facilitate the meeting with Ono Pharma if they agree.

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