Cytiva acquires GoSilico to strengthen digital capabilities in bioprocessing

  • Published on 2nd June 2021 by Cytiva
  • GoSilico's software creates “digital twins” of downstream processes and is increasingly used to enhance process development by simulation

  • More than 80% of mechanistic modelling users surveyed by Cytiva identified this as the future process development of chromatography

  • Compared to traditional development approaches, mechanistic modelling saves significant time and materials on process development, since physical experiments become inessential

Global life sciences leader Cytiva has acquired the German scientific software maker GoSilico, in a move that will differentiate Cytiva as a premier partner in bioprocessing.

Olivier Loeillot, Vice President, Cytiva, says: “The powerfully innovative digital solution created by GoSilico will bring great value to our customers, who can use mechanistic models to improve their decisions, accelerate their process development and more quickly bring new therapies to market. GoSilico’s expert team and solution are a fantastic addition to Cytiva’s longtime strengths and capabilities in chromatography, process development, and overall bioprocessing.”

Thiemo Huuk, co-founder and co-CEO of GoSilico, says: “Our entire team is excited to join the Cytiva family. With Cytiva’s global presence and broad base of customers, our mechanistic modelling technology will reach more drugmakers, ultimately enabling a more robust process development and a more efficient path to bring new therapies to patients.”

Process development is an intense and time-consuming part of making a therapy. GoSilico’s simulation software is used to build digital twins of downstream processing. Compared to traditional methods, such as one factor at a time – which can take approximately 13 weeks - or design of experiments – which often takes approximately four weeks - the simulation can reveal how process parameters affect attributes. The result is a scalable and robust solution within about one week, a reduction in experiment materials and, more impactfully, more confident decision-making.

A survey commissioned by Cytiva and conducted by a third party global market research agency in December 2020, found that out of more than 100 respondents, approximately 2/3 said mechanistic modelling will enable them to get to market significantly faster, and more than 80% said it was the future of process development in chromatography.

GoSilico’s products will continue to be known as GoSilico ChromX and GoSilico DSPX for the immediate future and will be integrated into Cytiva immediately.

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