LIfT BioSciences Wins Medcity Award

LIfT BioSciences has been announced as one of the winners of Medcity’s Collaborate to Innovate Award and grant.

The focus for the project work with Professor Farzin Farzaneh, Professor of Molecular Medicine at King’s College London, is to develop in-vitro evidence that LIfT BioSciences scalable cell therapy works selectively for killing pancreatic cancer cells. The patented platform could have major implications for the future treatment of all solid tumours.

The £2m Medcity Programme, led by King’s College London and part-funded by ERDF and HEFCE, is connecting the most promising life science SMEs with leading academics to help them develop and commercialise their technologies.

Sarah Haywood, CEO of MedCity said:

“London and the South East has a strong life sciences ecosystem of innovative companies developing the next generation of therapeutic and healthcare products. We have everything from new drugs, development of healthcare services based on AI and VR technologies, new devices and smartphones used to help people manage their care.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand with finding a key piece of the puzzle, to get the idea from mind to market. I’m excited that we have been able to match these ground-breaking SMEs with academics from our leading universities to develop their innovations…”

Alex Blyth, CEO of LIfT BioSciences said

“We are delighted to be win the Medcity award and grant and have the  positive endorsement of these important institutions for the work we are doing to ultimately save patients from this horrific ‘death-sentence disease’. This win brings us one step closer to making a real difference”.