LifeArc invests in Cumulus Neuroscience

Life Arc announces it has participated in a £6 million financing round into Cumulus Neuroscience, formerly known as BrainWaveBank. The funding is led by Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF)/SV Health investors and supported by the UK Future Fund.

Cumulus Neuroscience is advancing a state-of-the-art platform that can capture physiological and digital biomarkers of disease progression and treatment response in patients, thus providing clinical trial data and AI-powered insights to accelerate the development of life-changing CNS therapies.

The platform is being co-developed with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and aims to greatly improve the robustnesss of neuroscience clinical trials by allowing more objective and precise assessment of drug candidates on a shorter timeline.

Melanie Lee Chief Executive Officer from LifeArc said: “LifeArc is pleased to invest in Cumulus Neuroscience’s platform, which we believe has strong potential to accelerate the development of life-changing CNS therapies, addressing an area of significant unmet patient need. This investment aligns with LifeArc’s interest in the power of the combination of data, AI and devices in healthcare.”

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