Community Lab

The following equipment can be found in SBC’s Community zone and is accessible by lab-based tenants:

  • Autoclave
  • Dishwasher
  •  -80oC Freezer plus back-up -80oCfreezer
  •  Cold room
  •  Water purification unit (ELGA)
  •  Ice machine
  • Large volume centrifuge (Beckman)
  • Ultracentrifuge (Sorvall)
  • Real time PCR (BioRad CFX Connect)
  • Thermal Cycler (G Storm 4-position)
  • Thermal Cycler (Techne 1-position)
  • GE Nanovue Spectrophotomer
  • Thermo multidrop spectrophotometer
  • Multimodal Microplate Reader (ClarioSTAR)
  •  Absorbance plate reader (Tecan Safire 2)
  • Gel documentation system [Syngene G Box and LAS3000]
  • Shaker incubators
  • AKTA Express protein purification systems
  • Confocal microscope (Zeiss Axiovert)
  • Cell imaging system (Arrayscan)

Tissue culture room

  • Biosafety cabinet Class II
  • CO2 incubators
  • Inverted microscope
  • Water bath
  • Refrigerated benchtop centrifuge
  • Cell counter (Chemometec Nucleocounter)


Flow cytomertry (CHARGEABLE SERVICE)

  • BD FACSCalibur
  • Beckman Coulter FC500

GE Laboratory (subject to change) – 20 FREE DAYS CREDIT

Lab-based tenants have access to the following equipment(subject to training):

  • AKTA Avant Protein purification system
  • AKTA Start Protein purification system
  • Biacore T200 Surface Plasmon Resonance
  • InCell 6000 cell imager
  • Typhoon gel imaging system
  • NanoVUE

(Equipment may be subject to change)


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