Skylark - Senior Scientist – Gene Editing and Molecular Biology

  • Skylark Therapeutics
  • Job type: Permanent

We have an opportunity for a talented and highly motivated Senior Scientist to join an exciting new business venture focused on applying the company’s proprietary gene silencing platform (GEiGS) to the development of novel human therapeutics.

The GEiGS technology facilitates Stable, Tunable and Programmable silencing activity that differentiates it from alternative gene editing or gene regulation approaches, and specifically enables production of programmable, next-generation cell therapies, addressing many current limitations.

The appointee will be joining a multidisciplinary team of computational and experimental biologists. The post is ideal for a dynamic individual looking to be part of a cutting-edge research program that will also have real impact on patients’ lives. Due to the early stage nature of the company it is imperative to have a pragmatic, can-do, collaborative approach.



  • Experience with genetic manipulation of mammalian cells using gene editing and RNAi tools
  • Strong knowledge of genetic engineering landscape, and approaches, especially around CRISPR and related gene editing systems
  • Optimisation of gene editing methods, design of editing strategies and development of genotyping workflows
  • Extensive molecular biology experience for design of synthetic DNA constructs and libraries, and use of different assembly methodologies (restriction, golden gate, Gibson)
  • Use of viral vectors for gene delivery (esp. Lentivirus) in both arrayed and pooled formats


  • Gene Editing in iPSCs
  • Development of automated workflows
  • Familiarity with non-coding RNA biology
  • Experience with NGS technologies, transcriptomics, and in collaborating with bioinformaticians
  • Good understanding and experience in IPR-related areas – landscaping, FTO searches and application drafting

Qualifications / Profile

  • MSc or Ph.D with significant experience (MSc – 5yrs, Ph.D – 3yrs)
  • Proven experience working as part of a team and on collaborative projects
  • Strong communication skills with the proven ability to relay information effectively and efficiently, both to computational and experimental scientists.
  • Team-orientation toward collaboration and mutual success
  • Ability to ensure reproducible and transferable work through use of appropriate procedures and documentation

Additional information

  • Job Location: Stevenage, Hertfordshire
  • Time requirement: Full time
  • Compensation: We offer a competitive compensation package to successful candidates

To apply, please send CV and cover letter to


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