Exploristics KerusCloud Spring 2022 Launches

Exploristics is delighted to announce the launch of the latest release of our revolutionary clinical trial simulation software, KerusCloud Spring 2022. An innovative platform that provides powerful state-of-the-art cloud-based simulation capabilities to clinical developers of all sizes, KerusCloud tackles the complex challenges involved in designing effective clinical trials. By enabling multi-disciplinary clinical project teams to generate and explore a wide range of study design and analysis scenarios in a virtual environment and then quantify and visualise their likelihood of success, KerusCloud provides a fast, flexible software tool that supports collaborative, evidence-based decision-making for optimising clinical trial design. The use of in silico design has already been shown to comprehensively de-risk real studies, reducing both timelines and costs while increasing clinical study success rates.

Building on its established ground-breaking capabilities, the latest KerusCloud Spring 2022 release now offers a transformative range of new and improved features to deliver truly exceptional data-driven design. These include the addition of extended analysis options, adaptive designs and the ability to evaluate estimands and imputation strategies for the most realistic and informative simulated studies currently available. To find out more about the new release and how study simulation software is overturning the way clinical trials are designed, please join us for a free live webinar on ‘Revolutionising clinical trial design with in silico studies using synthetic patient level data’ on Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at 3pm, hosted by Exploristics CEO Aiden Flynn. So, join the revolution today and reserve your seat now to discover a more successful data-driven approach to clinical trial design.