Exploristics Announces Partnership with Clarivate to Offer Enhanced Clinical Intelligence

Integration of Clarivate Cortellis data with cloud-based simulation platform, KerusCloud, for smarter, more efficient study design 

Exploristics, a leading provider of biosimulation software and biostatistics services, today announced a new partnership with Clarivate™, global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation. The partnership will allow for the integration of the Exploristics KerusCloud, an innovative study simulation software platform, with Clarivate Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence™,  a comprehensive resource to help accelerate clinical trial planning including site selection, protocol design, biomarker identification and key competitive intelligence. The integration of Cortellis data into the platform will enable a more efficient data-driven approach to study design and protocol development.

As part of the agreement, Exploristics will leverage Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence to build disease-specific models that drive realistic study simulations to reduce the risks, costs and duration of development programs.  This will allow both companies to offer a unique portfolio of ground-breaking products to their customers.

Exploristics CEO, Aiden Flynn: “We are delighted to be working with Clarivate to harness KerusCloud’s powerful simulations alongside the Cortellis platform to enable the most realistic study simulations available and create a best-in-class study simulation platform.  With data sourcing a key factor in leveraging KerusCloud’s full utility, the detail and breadth of structured clinical information contained within Cortellis allows us to build a bespoke extraction pipeline which will accelerate the delivery of disease specific data models used to inform KerusCloud clinical trial design and virtual cohort generation.

Ketan Patel, VP of Cortellis Product Platform at Clarivate: “Researchers continue to seek reliable data sources to address every aspect of clinical trial design, from phase and recruitment status to endpoints, interventions and adverse events. Clarivate is committed to supporting companies to advance innovation by delivering critical data, information and workflow solutions. The in-depth research intelligence, deep domain expertise, data and insights of Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence integrated within the KerusCloud will enable customers to make even more evidence-based decisions to inform clinical trial planning.”

To learn more, visit www.clarivate.com/cortellis/

About KerusCloud

KerusCloud is a uniquely powerful study simulation software platform that ensures clinical studies are suitably designed statistically from the outset to maximise their chances of success. To do this, KerusCloud creates highly realistic synthetic data sets (virtual populations) which are then used as a basis for generating thousands of study simulations that accurately mimic the complexity of real clinical studies. This allows researchers evaluate the performance of a wide variety of study design and analysis options comprehensively in silico, in minutes and choose the best options for real studies, first time.

For more information about KerusCloud, visit https://exploristics.com/kerus-cloud/.

About Exploristics

Exploristics is an enabling technology company that transforms clinical development for life science organisations world-wide with unique proprietary software and biostatistics services for planning, designing and analysing clinical studies.

For more information about Exploristics, visit www.exploristics.com or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.