Cytiva supports Prestige Biopharma to develop antibody therapies and manufacture COVID-19 vaccines

Cytiva will provide products and services to the soon-to-be largest vaccine manufacturing and biopharmaceutical development center in Korea.

Cytiva and Prestige Biopharma have formed a collaboration to accelerate manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines and antibody therapies. With Cytiva’s cell culture and purification process products and services, Prestige will advance biopharmaceutical development, and rapidly and flexibly scale-up the manufacturing of vaccines and new drugs at the company’s Osong center in Chungbuk, Korea.

Prestige Biopharma Limited is part of consortium that will manufacture Russia’s Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine. Huons Global, another South Korean biotech firm, will lead the consortium and Prestige Biopharma will manufacture the drug substance. The new vaccine center was built in March and is expected to be finished in later 2021. Alongside producing vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19, scientists will work on preparedness for future pandemic.

Joon Ho Choi, General Manager, Cytiva Korea, says: “By helping Prestige Biopharma accelerate drug productions, we will not only contribute to the end of the pandemic, but also support in antibody biopharmaceuticals used to treat various diseases.”

Park So-yeon, Chairman of Prestige Biopharma Group says: “As global companies, both Prestige Biopharma and Cytiva want to solve the challenges facing humanity across borders. We will continue to lead the development of innovative biopharmaceuticals through cooperation with various companies with advanced technology.”

Cytiva is providing a variety of equipment to the Prestige Biopharma Vaccine Center including Xcellerex™ single-use bioreactors which will be used to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine. The estimated monthly production output of the center is expected to be around 100 million vaccine doses. The center will be the largest size in its kind in Korea and is expected to be recognized as one of the world’s largest production facilities.

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