Procellia Ltd has been founded to develop and commercialise innovative optimisation software & in-line cell monitoring sensors for industrial bioprocesses. We are primarily addressing two key bio-industry sectors, i.e. Bio-therapeutics /biologics, and “green” biopolymers including microbial food ingredients. 

The company has already developed a real-time ultrasonic rheology sensor for cell growth monitoring which is ready for commercialisation. We are currently developing a scalable, modular bioprocess optimisation system which can demonstrate significant benefits to bio-manufacturers. Our offering combines both hardware (intelligent sensors) and optimisation software as a modular suite to accommodate commercial customer needs. 

We offer value innovation to the end-user by reducing production and R&D costs in the following ways: 

Enhance process consistency & product quality (high active ingredient yield & purity, optimal cell culture performance etc)

Accelerate the scale-up of new bio-process designs. 

Apply dynamic control through multi-scale  optimisation

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst is the UK's leading open innovation campus with a focus on therapeutics.

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