Nerre Therapeutics


NeRRe Therapeutics is a UK based, mid-stage clinical company that has a unique tachykinin portfolio of 4 neurokinin (NK) antagonists: three NK-1 antagonists and a dual mechanism NK-1, 3 antagonist. The company is closing a Series B round of funding to support the continued clinical development of both lead assets:

1.          NK-1 antagonist Orvepitant for the treatment of Chronic Refractory Cough

2.          Dual mechanism NK-1, 3 antagonist NT-814 for the treatment of moderate to severe Postmenopausal Vasomotor Symptoms as the lead and gateway Women's Health indication.

Both compounds are potent, selective, orally administered small-molecules, spun outof GSK, for which important development risks have already been discharged. Both molecules have a multi-layered IP estate fully owned by NeRRe.

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