Autifony Therapeutics


Autifony Therapeutics aims to develop new drugs to treat serious disorders of the central nervous system using pioneering science

Autifony Therapeutics Limited is a UK-based company formed in 2011 as a spin-out from GlaxoSmithKline by Charles Large and Giuseppe Alvaro, previously Directors in GSK’s Neuroscience Centre of Excellence for Drug Discovery.

Autifony is using its pioneering approach to develop novel treatments for serious disorders of the central nervous system, such as Schizophrenia, Fragile X, Alzheimer’s Disease and potentially other diseases which represent major unmet medical needs.

The company is also one of the leaders in pharmaceutical approaches to the treatment of hearing disorders. Hearing disorders affect a significant proportion of the population, and while devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants can ease the problems for some, many people suffer silently. As well as causing social isolation and distress, hearing loss also brings with it a considerable economic cost to society, with increased risk of unemployment, the need for carer support, and other costs.

By targeting specific ion channels which regulate neuronal activity, our new drugs will help to alleviate symptoms of Schizophrenia, Fragile X, Alzheimer’s Disease and reduce symptoms associated with hearing loss.

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