Catapult Network announces new chair, confirms commitment to supporting delivery of levelling up agenda

“The Catapult Network has a fundamental role in delivering the Government’s levelling up agenda” says the new Chair of the Catapult Network, Matthew Durdy.

The new Chair of the Catapult Network, Matthew Durdy, has described the Network as “fundamental” to delivering the Government’s Levelling Up agenda, unveiled in the White Paper this week (2 February, 2022).

Matthew, Chief Executive Officer of the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, this month succeeds Dr Jeremy Silver as the new Network chair for 2022.

And, as the Government publishes their Levelling Up White Paper, Matthew has confirmed the Catapult Network’s continued commitment to supporting that agenda – and more.

Matthew said: “The Levelling Up White Paper is a positive step towards driving important change. The Catapult Network, with more than 40 sites across the UK, brings together a unique combination of skills and leverage which will make a fundamental contribution to delivering on the missions announced this week.

“Each of the nine Catapults have achieved remarkable progress since they were established. Through boosting business innovation and growth they are bringing economic and social benefits to a number of regions, for example major developments in compound semiconductors in South Wales, cell and gene therapy manufacturing in Stevenage and offshore wind in Blyth among many others.

“This White Paper makes clear how critical their continued contribution is to meeting the government’s goals and creating a brighter future for communities across the country.

Matthew continued: “Whether it’s fighting the pandemic, helping create a greener and more sustainable world or transforming healthcare, cities or digital futures for people nationwide, our teams in the Catapult Network across the country are addressing the critical challenges that are pivotal to our nation.

“But looking ahead it is our collective capability and strength as a network that will see us realise our true potential and really deliver on the Levelling Up agenda.

“Through collaboration with our own experts, places, skills and through our powerful and established links with industry we can develop a new level of leverage which will drive more value and greater innovation, helping transform the future of the UK.

“I am enormously grateful to Dr Jeremy Silver the previous Network Chair and the Catapult CEOs for their work in getting our Network to the position we hold today. I’m looking forward to continuing this momentum and driving our collective efforts forward as we make new, significant contributions to our society and our economy.”