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Congratulations to our Catalyser 2024 cohort of eight health innovation start-ups who graduated from the accelerator programme with flying colours!

On Wednesday 1st May, SBC hosted the Catalyser programme finale, with each participant presenting their refined commercialisation strategy to an audience comprising a mix of founders, investors, and many industry experts.

The selected audience had been prompted to ask the start-ups questions and provide them with constructive feedback. The eight early stage businesses enjoyed the opportunity of additional feedback and connections.

SBC’s Business Development and Entrepreneurship Director Marco Delise PhD, said:

“It was fantastic to see the 2024 cohort going through the programme, put the daily activities on hold and use the Triple Chasm framework to zoom out and evaluate any strategic gaps and opportunities. Startupping is a tough journey, especially in these sectors, and we need to give founders as much support as possible to de-risk their path to success'”

Marco Delise Catalyser

A huge well done goes to:

EI Therapeutics
Xenos Bio

Three Winners:

A big thank you also goes to our panel of judges: SBC’s CEO Dr Sally Ann Forsyth OBE,  GSK’s VP of Finance Research and Development, Graham Rivers (PhD) and CEO and Investor Oliver Hardick, who selected three top performers:

AGA Nanotech
Native Labs
POM Health

POM Health from SBC Catalyser accelerator programme

One of the winning companies, POM Health, who are also moving into our Lab Hotel facility, which offers six months free space and free access to shared specialist equipment for start-ups, said:

“The SBC Catalyser programme has been pivotal to POM Health, getting guidance directly from world leading experts and facilitating opportunities for us to accelerate our startup journey.”

SBC’s CEO Dr Sally Ann Forsyth OBE, said:

“I was delighted to be on the judging panel that named POM Health, AGA Nanotech and Native Labs as the winners. It was great to see so many talented health innovation start-ups that are passionate about delivering their innovations to help patients.”

Catalyser 2024 audience

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