Bespoke mentoring for the life sciences sector

Tailored support to boost your company’s potential

Research shows that SMEs accessing external advice are more likely to grow than those without support – but only a small proportion of companies use such services. Recognising the value that a dedicated and experienced adviser can bring, SBC and Winning Pitch have launched a bespoke mentoring programme for small life sciences companies.

Funding from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has enabled the establishment of this year-long programme of mentoring and training. Mentees and mentors will work together over this time period, focussed on the small company’s next strategic growth move. Winning Pitch is a specialist in business enhancement through marketing, team building, personal development and customised training, an ideal complement to SBC’s sector-specific activities in this expanded programme.

Unique structured sector-specific programme

This mentoring scheme has been designed for maximum benefit to the mentee company

 Dedicated mentors with relevant expertise from big healthcare organisations

 Strong commitment and involvement from SBC stakeholders and its network

 Clear analysis of mentee company needs and challenges

 Robust matching of mentee needs to mentor expertise

 Early definition of key mentee developmental goals to work on

 Commitment to engagement for a year with two hours mentoring/month

 Quarterly seminars on relevant business topics plus access to online materials

 Cost to mentees of £550 for full-year programme – an investment in your future

Suitable for pre-start companies too

 Join this goal-driven programme to get your idea off the ground and help release the growth potential of your business.

Interested in this transformative scheme?

 Find out more at the launch event, March 18 2014 at Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

 Register your interest at comms@stevenagecatalyst.