Action Plan from UK Advanced Therapies Manufacturing Taskforce support

Stevenage,UK, November 25 2016 -The UK Advanced Therapies Manufacturing Taskforce launched an Action Plan this week, with a series of recommendations to enable the country to be a leader in the manufacture of, and reap health benefits from, these new medicines in the years to come.  SBC believes that these plans, which cover manufacturing investment, training and access to new treatments such as cell and gene therapies, should enable the UK to capture a significant proportion of the global advanced therapy manufacturing market, estimated to grow to $14-21bn by 2025 .It was consulted during the development of the Action Plan and welcomes its recommendations.

Cell and gene therapy is an area of increasing focus at SBC, driven by tenant activity and the location of the Cell and GeneTherapy Catapult Manufacturing Centre on site. A vibrant cell and gene therapy ecosystem is expected to develop at SBC over the coming years as a result. How to increase the East of England’s competitiveness in regenerative medicine, and ensuring that the whole of the region benefits economically from this, will be addressed in the Science and Innovation Audit of the area, also announced this week. The Life Sciences sector ofthe Audit, which will be led by SBC, will also cover personalised medicine,genomics, medtech, food, health and the microbiome.