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  • AKL Technologies

    AKL Technologies

    AKL’s "clinic-to-lab" business model develops synthetic drug candidates from natural products where safety and efficacy have already been established. This strategy lowers the risk of unexpected side effects and lack of efficacy in clinical trials of the well characterized active synthetic components.

  • Aptiv Solutions

    Aptiv Solutions

    Aptiv Solutions Translational and Medical Sciences provides product development strategy and support from project inception. Strategic planning, project management, preclinical efficacy and safety, CMC, and early clinical expertise to guide clients along optimal drug, biologic, or device development paths into early phase trials and regulatory submission.

  • Arachos Pharma

    Arachos Pharma

    Arachos Pharma - Exciting opportunities for new oral anti-inflammatory medicines.

  • Atomic Cell

    Atomic Cell

    Atomic Cell is an early stage biotech startup developing an assay platform for phenotypic screening of drugs by monitoring behaviour of live cells. We capitalize on advanced research at the interface of biology and physics to identify desired phenotypes of new drugs and decrease their attrition rates in animal-free and tissue specific manner.

  • Awridian


    Awridian is an early phase drug discovery consultancy, facilitating hit and lead generation and providing a unique interface between the pharmaceutical industry and contract research organisations.

  • Blink Therapeutics                 

    Blink Therapeutics                 

    Blink has developed an in vitro platform that can isolate fully human mAbs by direct gene cloning from highly enriched populations of antigen stimulated human B cells. The platform can tackle targets not readily addressed with other Ab technologies. High affinity & selective antibodies have been identified to a number of therapeutic targets.

  • Carritech Research

    Carritech Research

    Carritech Research Ltd ( Carritech) is an innovative biosciences company engaged in the commercial application of its innovative, patented & process technology & knowhow for producing honeycomb textured foods capable of carrying ingredients that provide health, nutrition & medical benefits (e.g. vaccines). The technology enables crunchy & chewy material to be produced at low temperature, thereby preserving the functional properties of temperature sensitive ingredients. read more...

  • CompanDx


    CompanDx exploits its in-house data analysis algorithms to identify patterns in healthcare datasets, applying its technology to clinical trial and medical sample data to find new disease markers.

  • Emerge Biotech

    Emerge Biotech

    Emerge Biotech strives to advance the quality of diagnostics and is serving the antibody industry and research organizations by delivering better antibodies and medicines

  • GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences is a world-class provider of advanced technologies for life science research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The business is headed by Kieran Murphy and is a division of GE Healthcare, which has its global headquarters at Pollards Wood, Chalfont St.Giles, United Kingdom. Providing tools for drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and cellular technologies, enabling research scientists and specialists around the world to be more productive, read more...

  • Imaqa


    IMAQA provides image data management and quality assurance for the life sciences.

  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre

    Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centre

    The London Innovation Centre is part of Johnson & Johnson Innovation which focuses on accelerating early innovation and enhancing opportunities for collaboration and investment across Johnson & Johnson’s global healthcare businesses. Johnson & Johnson Innovation provides scientists, entrepreneurs and emerging companies focused on early-stage opportunities a one-stop access to science and technology experts who can facilitate collaborations across the pharmaceutical, read more...

  • Labstract


    Labstract provides an entrepreneurial approach to outsourced laboratory services at Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst. It manages the communal laboratories, the NMR and LCMS facilities, and offers small and growing biotech companies access to a wide range of technical expertise.

  • LabXero Ltd    

    LabXero Ltd    

    Labxero is an early stage company developing chemical - free sample pre - analytics (based on acoustic focusing), as an enabling technology for next generation point of care diagnostics.

  • Magdi


    Magdi UK is developing technology to provide protection from the potential hazards of cell phone radiation.

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