James Otter  

James has spent the last four years focussed on a range of applications in health IT.  He was CEO of Axon and OBS Medical, as well as leading the set-up of Oxehealth, which has given him exposure to telehealth, intelligent alarms, patient monitoring and medical records. 

As chair of Hygea VCT, a specialist investor in early stage bioscience companies, he has direct contact with a range of investees.  As CEO he turned around Hallmarq Veterinar yImaging, who design and build veterinary MRI systems, through implementing a ninnovative, product-as-a-service model. He also stabilised Glide Pharmaceuticals until it was re-financed.

Earlier in his career he held a range of commercial and international management positions in Zeneca Agrochemicals in Africa, Germany and Scandinavia.  He also led a review o fZeneca’s biotechnology strategy.

James is also an NED with Apollo VCT.  He has an MBA from INSEAD and a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge.


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