Chris Reilly


Life Sciences Consultant

Chris is an expert on the discovery and early clinical development of small molecule therapeutics across all disease areas.  He is a regular visitor to SBC and has reviewed multiple opportunities for SBC and its tenants.  He is also on the Discovery Assist team.

Chris can assist SBC clients with:

  • Crafting ‘investment ready’ business plans
  • Designing key experiments to progress to value inflection points
  • Crafting funding proposals
  • Defining pre-clinical and early clinical experimental plans
  • Acting at board level balancing strategic and practical considerations to progress the business

Chris was formerly Global Vice President and Head of Project Evaluation at AstraZeneca (AZ) where he made investment recommendations on all lead identification and optimisation projects across all research areas.  Chris was also responsible for developing AZ’s research strategy and was involved in selecting compounds for clinical development.   Chris previously worked at Merck (USA) and at the venture capital arm of Advent International(Boston).   He has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Georgia and performed his postdoctoral work at MIT.  He delivered 15 candidate drugs and has 48publications. 

Chris’s passion is turning innovative science into viable businesses.  Today, Chris is an active consultant for biotechnology companies, life science VCs, universities, academics and government agencies on drug-hunting, translational medicine, business opportunities and investments.   He provides project specific and business advice on individual projects through to board level.   He is on the Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery Triage Committee and was a biology panel member on the recent REF review of university research in the UK.   He is a Non-Executive Director at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust that provides acute and community care for the people of Salford and aspects of secondary and tertiary care across greater Manchester and the UK.



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